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 Server Rack  Cabinet Enclosure Guide – How to Pick your Rack Cabinet Enclosure Size

Definitions for Server Rack /  Rack  Cabinet Enclosure  Dimensions

Server Rack Sizes DefinitionsPlease use the definitions below  when choosing your server rack size from the Available Configurations.   Any customer defined sizes also available

    A: External height
    B: Internal usable height
    C: External width
    D: Internal usable width
    F: Distance between mounting holes
    G : Chassis clearance
    H: Usable space
    I:  External depth

    Horizontal Panel Opening - H.P.O.
    The overall width of the cabinet is the H.P.O. plus 4 inches.

    Vertical panel opening - V.P.O.
    The overall height of the cabinet is the V.P.O. plus 6 inches.

    The overall depth is the same as the dimension.

What size server rack / Rack Cabinet Enclosure Should be Purchased?

Usually the height of a server rack and cabinet enclosure is measured in 'u' sizes,  the 'u' being the standard measurement for all rackmount equipment. One 'u' is 44.45mm.  The amount of equipment planned for the cabinet will dictate the internal height or the minimum number of "u"s.  It is wise and advisable to select a rack cabinet enclosure height that will allow for future expansion. A 10% to 30% expansion buffer should be considered. Please keep in mind that if shelves are to be used, they each can account for 1 u.

At a minimum, the width of a server rack or rack cabinet enclosure allows for standard 19" mounting angles for rackmount equipment.  However, cable management requirements push the width of server racks and cabinet enclosures significantly higher.

When it comes to cabinet enclosure depth, a distinction can be made between server cabinets and network cabinets.  Server cabinets by definition house network servers which are usually longer and require a deeper cabinet depth. As a result  server rack depths of 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm are common.

Furthermore, since servers create a lot more heat than routers, switches, etc., server rack doors are perforated to allow for improved heat dissipation.

Server Rack / Rack Cabinet Enclosure Features

Our cabinets come with (2) pair of adjustable Tapped Mounting Angles or  Mounting Rails.

    Are power strips required? The 70" V.P.O. cabinet uses a 70" power strip (11 receptacles, 6' cord). The 77" V.P .O. cabinet uses a 77" power strip (12 receptacles, 6' cord). Also available is a 46" power strip (10 receptacles, 6' cord). The 46" power strip is more economical and is recommended when the customer requires (2) strips per cabinet. All standard power strips are 15 amps, 120 volts. If customer requires a 20 amp Power Strip, these are available in 70" length. They contain 12 receptacles with a 6' cord. If 20 amp is required, the customer may also require a Twist Lock Plug. At times, customer may require twist lock plugs on the 15 amp power strips.

    Our standard is the Rotron Caravel Fan. This is rated at 560 CFM (cubic foot/minute). There are other fans available but these must be adapted to fit the cabinet. The Caravel Fan is 10" in diameter and 3 1/2" deep. When it is mounted in the cabinet, it protrudes 1/2" into the usable cabinet space. It can also be mounted on the rear door.

    The cabinets are manufactured to accept a plexiglass door. The door is manufactured symmetrically and can be right or left hand hinged. If the cabinet is ordered with a plexiglass door and the customer wants to change the door from right to left hinged, they can do so by removing the door, turning it 180 degrees and reattaching it to the cabinet. There is no drilling required.

    The rear doors can be louvered or slotted, with fan pattern. The slotted rear door is preferable when the customer may want to mount the fan on the rear door.

    The top panel is usually supplied with a slotted fan pattern. This is so the fan can be mounted in the top panel without any problems. Some customers require louvered or solid tops. Bear in mind, if the customer wants a louvered top, they will not be able to mount the fan in the top panel.

    The cabinets are available in IBM, white, IBM blue, black, light, medium and dark gray as well as any FED-STD -595 color.  See Color Chart.  If a special color is desired, please provide  a color chip to match.

    Our cabinet is manufactured to receive casters and levelers without the need for any special hardware or drilling.

    Shelves come in various styles.

      Flat Shelves mount to the two (2) pair of tapped angles that are standard in our cabinets.

      Cantilevered Shelves need only one pair of tapped angles in order to be mounted. The standard cantilevered shelf takes up 7" of panel space. There are, however, other cantilever shelves that take up less panel space, i.e. 3 1/2". We also manufacture Center mount Cantilever Shelves. These are used with open relay racks.

    All front and rear doors are supplied with locks, unless the customer does not want locks.

    Side panels can be supplied if needed. Our side panels are actually side doors that open and can be removed if necessary, without tools. They are lockable from the inside and require a Phillips head screwdriver to lock. This helps qualify for U/L requirements.

    These are shelves that enable the customer to mount his or her keyboard or other equipment that needs to be pulled from the cabinet for use or service. These mount in the same manner as our standard flat shelf.

Server Rack / Rack Cabinet Enclosure Applicable Standards

IEC 60297 Mechanical structures for electronic equipment - Dimensions of mechanical structures of the 19 in series

  • IEC 60297-3-100
  • IEC 60297-3-101 Part 3-101: Subracks and associated plug-in units
  • IEC 60297-3-102 Part 3-102: Injector/extractor handle
  • IEC 60297-3-102 Part 3-103: Keying and alignment pin
  • IEC 60297-3-104 Part 3-104: Connector dependent interface dimensions of subracks and plug-in units
  • IEC 60297-3-105 Part 3-105: Dimensions and design aspects for 1U chassis
  • IEC 60297-5

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