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Data Cabinets, Racks, Enclosures

Corporate IT Cabinets & Racks for Data and Voice

Our network equipment racks and cabinets provide an easy, well designed, and economical solution to network organization and security. Our solutions are highly scalable and are tailored to fit any environment, from the large corporate data centers to the small business and home offices.

Over the years we have accumulated a high degree of customer loyalty and built a solid reputation based on two cardinal business principles: excellent service and very reasonable prices.

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42U Server Cabinets, 27" Width, 19" Rackmount
36" Deep - APW Mayville PIONEER 27W 19RM 42U 36D BLACK with Perforated Front Door, add-on APW Pioneer Preconfigured cabinet
42" Deep - APW Mayville PIONEER 27W 19RM 42U 42D BLACK with Perforated Front Door, add-on APW Pioneer Preconfigured cabinet



Preconfigured Cabinets

Standard Cabinets

Open Racks


Cabinet Accessories from Lindy

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Cabinet Exhaust Plenum

Preconfigured Cabinets
19" Rack Mount
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Preconfigured Cabinets with Non-Removable Sides

Preconfigured Cabinet with Perforated Front Door

Preconfigured Cabinet - Perforated Front Door

Preconfigured Cabinet - Non-Removable Sides

Preconfig Cabinets with Non-Removable Sides

40U, 36" deep,
Non-removable sides

42U, 36" deep, Perforated Front Door

42U, 42" deep, Perforated Front Door

44U, 36" deep,
Non-removable sides

44U, 40" deep,
Non-removable sides

44U, 36 deep Preconfigured Cabinet with  Removable Sides

Preconfigured Cabinet with  Removable Sides

Double Bay Preconfigured Cabinets with Removable Sides

44U, 36" deep, Open Frame

44U, 36" deep, Removable Sides

44U, 40" deep, Removable Sides

48U, 36" deep, Removable Sides

44U, 36" deep, Double Bay, Removable Sides

Preconfigured Cabinets - Seismic

Preconfigured Open Frame Seismic Cabinets

Open Frame

Solid Sided

Solid Sided

Preconfigured Cabinets - Colocation
Shipping Information

Preconfigured Colocation Cabinets with  4 Compartments

4 Compartment

2 Compartment

2 Compartment

Preconfigured Cabinets - Wall Mount

12U Wall Mount
20U Wall Mount
26U Wall Mount

Data Center Cooling Solutions

We work closely with our customers for the best cooling solutions applicable to their installation. In order to meet and exceed the cooling requirements, we design and manufacture airflow exhaust plenums / cooling plenums for superior over-heating control.

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