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Custom Cables and Wire Harnesses

Custom Cables

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Custom Cables for computer, communications, medical, industrial, electromechanical, and RF/Video applications.

Our design and manufacturing experience, both copper and fiber, spans the largest diversity of types and sizes of wire and cable. Furthermore we handle the widest range of connectors, terminals, and pins, as well as electrical & electronic components. We have developed a tradition of high-tech engineering, prototyping, quality manufacturing, and very competitive pricing.

Today we are manufacturing and marketing any of the following types of custom cables, in both PVC and Plenum:

     Category 5, 5e, 6 patch cords
     Giga Speed Cables
     Fiber Optic Custom Cables
     Fibre Channel assemblies
     Twinax, Coax Cables
     IBM cabling system
     25-pair Telco
     V.35 Interface cables
     MII Transceiver cables
     SCSI I, SCSI II & SCSI III custom cables
     USB Cables
     IEEE-1394, IEEE-1284, IEEE-488 Cables
     RS232, RS422 & RS449 multi-conductor
     LVD SCSI Assemblies
     T1 / E1, T3 /E3 cables
     AUI Transceiver cables
     Specialty / Custom Specified Cables

Wire Harnesses

 We also design, prototype and manufacture an unparalleled diversity of wire harness assemblies. No matter what your type of wire harness you are dealing with, we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with you. Just let us know what you are trying to achieve and our talented engineers will use their expertise, and resources to work with you in the wire harness prototyping phase, recommend options and discuss standards and regulatory requirements. Our extensive experience in  electrical-mechanical wire harnesses  will make a strong contribution to developing the highest quality wire harness for your project, at the lowest possible cost.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose us as your custom cable /  wire harness partner.

Our Advantage in Custom Cables and  Wire Harnesses:

     Zero-Defects QA Program
     High Quality Materials
     Advanced Equipment & Tooling
     Design & Prototyping
     Expert Technical Support
     100% Product Testing
     100% Product Guarantee
     Fast Turn Around
     Great Pricing


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